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Is to Raise leaders, Transform lives from hopelessness to blessedness and Occupy Territories.


Our vision in International Christian Centre (ICC) is to set the captive free, give hope to the hopeless, restore the lost heritage and replace painful tears with smiles. All these will prepare them for their Master (God) who loves them so dearly, to move them entirely from hopelessness to blessedness.


International Christian Centre Nijmegen was established in 2005 and since then we have grown to a family church with over 15 different nationalities.

Our Pastors

Pastor Julius Isibor together with his wife Loveth, are the senior pastors of the International Christian centre (ICC) in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. 

They strongly believe that we are created to manifest the signs and wonders.



Senior Pastor

Julius Isibor

Pastor Julius Isibor is an intercessor, a man of the spirit, and a preacher with signs and wonders following his preaching of the word.

Many have been healed in his meetings as he demonstrates the power of the word and prays for the sick. Pastor Julius believes we are created for signs and wonders here on earth.

His message centers on the Holy Ghost, hope, righteousness, prayer, healing, discipline, success and order in the Body of Christ.

He has ministered in the UK, Belgium,  Germany, Austria,  USA, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Australia, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and he has ministered extensively in the Netherlands.

Pastor Julius and Loveth Isibor are blessed with three children.

Pastor Loveth Isibor is a woman of wisdom and. She is a woman of all seasons.

She is the first lady of International Christian Centre. Pastor Loveth Isibor has served in several capacities as an exemplary leader. She is an example of a virtuous woman.

Pastor Loveth is a gifted teacher of the Word of God in a very simple yet capturing manner as it is backed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Lady Isibor lends her service and talent in many areas. She serves as the coordinator of several departments and organization including the house of Hope. 

The House Of Hope


First lady Isibor is the dynamic host of women of wisdom conference which takes place every two years that attracts people from afar and wide as the Lord directs her, she brings women together with other guest speakers to teach, encourage, equip, empower and guide women to become women that operate in the Word that will make them influential both in and outside the kingdom. She strongly believes that behind every successful man is a woman of wisdom

Loveth Isibor

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